Trolleys add style to the way you serve food, besides being functional

A simple bar trolley

A  trolley is a much needed furniture accessory  particularly when entertaining guests at a house  party . Your party  becomes convenient  with these wheeled trolleys that move  back  and  forth , and is necessary  for the food and drinks to reach  the guests. Not just parties, but even when you are  having dinner   food or drinks can be served with the help of a  trolley for convenience.

 Types of Trolleys 

Trolleys of  various styles and materials  are available in the market to help you serve and at the same time complement your interiors .

Bar trolleys: Bar trolleys  add a quirky look to the dining area , they are available with varied materials and sizes . They are required especially when you enjoy your drinks, as  they provide you with  space for your wine bottles, spirits  along with glasses in an organized way . Some bar trolleys come with a separate storage space, deck and shelf area for mixing the drinks . They are available in  wood, acrylic and glass, chrome and glass, bamboo, and  steel. In terms of shapes and styles, round glass trolleys,  folding trolleys , and many  more  modern styles  are available.

Food serving trolleys: These trolleys add style to the way you serve food,  besides being functional. There are many designs  and styles  available with varied features in food serving trolleys. They come in metal, stainless steel, wood, and glass. They usually  come with two or three trays, some have the option to  remove or  attach the trays  as and when  required. Some have round perforations in the middle tray  for keeping bottles  which can double up as  a bar trolley .  They  are particularly useful when entertaining as one can have  space  for placing food , plates and other jars.

Dinner trolleys are useful and required for guests

Tea trolley: If you are a tea lover, a tea trolley  is perfect for serving tea in your   balcony or your living area . These are usually smaller than the regular dinner trolleys  but look lovely when decorated with tea time snacks, a tray mat, silver trays,  and an exquisite  tea set when you have guests over for  an afternoon tea . 

Mobile Kitchen trolley: Kitchen trolleys are a perfect solution for storing and moving around the kitchen. This type of trolley has drawers, cabinets, a  wired basket and storage space for storing items in the  kitchen. They are usually made up of steel . This makes your kitchen tidy by arranging things in them and  can be moved in  the kitchen area for convenience.

Picking the right trolley

When picking a trolley  look for the quality  of material before you   purchase,  look for trolleys which are made of stainless steel, wood, metal as they last longer. The type  of trolley and the size will depend on its use, if you entertain a lot  then a large serving trolley is a must . Go for the one which matches the overall decor of the room .If the room is contemporary then a steel and glass trolley would suit , if  the room is traditional then a wooden  trolley would look nice. There are several available online  , u can probably get one which is reasonable  and yet functional.


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