Sofa-cum-beds are space savers for the new urban dweller

A sofa cum bed with storage

In today’s square feet living era,  space or the lack of it has become the real constraint  when it comes to our choice of buying furniture. Sofa-cum-bed is a boon where it solves the purpose of a sofa and a bed without compromising on the limited space.

Sofa-cum-beds are the latest space savers for the  new urban dweller and  with the choice of different colors, sizes ,options and customization,  the demand for them have risen. Today manufacturers have introduced many attractive styles and types of Sofa-cum beds in the market.

Why a Sofa cum bed ?

When you require a bed to accommodate guests that fits in the limited space in your living room, a sofa cum bed is the best alternative. It provides you easy comfort  , is best suited for small apartments, you can use it as a sofa during the day time and bed during the night.

Types of Sofa cum beds

Today market is full of multiple options, depending on your needs. If the use is occasional  you can go in  for a pull out or a fold out version which  requires careful handling and for the regular use you can pick a sofa cum bed that doubles up as a twin bed.

Spring Sofa cum Bed: It is an adjustable bed that comes with either a spring or a click mechanism that allows you to adjust the back cushion of the sofa.  At your convenience, you can move the cushions to make it a double sized bed, it is  suitable for families with kids.

Pull-out Sofa Bed: It has folded spring mattress  hidden underneath the sofa seat which can be easily pulled out into a bed, its  best suited for kid’s and overnight guests. While ordering a pull-out sofa bed consider the available space , while as a sofa it may be easy to place but as a bed it expands just like a double bed.

Fold-out Sofa Bed: Fold-out-sofa beds can be unfolded within a fraction of a second, they come in low  height and are made up of soft foam mattress. They are easy to convert into a spacious bed and the biggest advantage is that many of the models come with a storage space. However, the height of the bed is low, therefore they are not  suitable  for elderly people.

Before placing an order consider the available space ,remember to take the measurements well in advance . Consider whether it’s for minimum use or for occasional guests or for everyday use.

Always check for the mechanism before buying

Things to consider before buying a sofa cum beds

Storage: Many sofa-cum-beds provide useful storage  options .With different styles  different storage capacity is offered. Some of the sofa cum beds come with a beneath storage capacity where as others come  with a storage at the back.

Mattress: Sofa-cum-beds come with different mattress made up of different material , it could be made up of  coir, fiber or foam. Consider its use and comfort and choose the material accordingly.

Weight: Usually sofa-cum-beds are  heavy  , it’s always better to consider how often you will be shifting it. If your movement is the minimum  you may like to choose a heavier model that tends to be more reliable and long lasting.

Conduct a research: Before you actually buy  check the various options with different dealers. Conduct a small  research to have a clear idea of the options available both online and offline.

Mechanism: Different models come with different mechanisms. Choose the best as per your needs,  it’s better to open and close it for couple of times to see how easy is the functioning of the mechanism and its practicality.

Sofa-cum-beds have both advantages and disadvantages on the one hand it may turn out to be  a huge space saver, on the other hand it may be heavier and bulky to move around. But keep in mind  that  it may not be able to match the comfort and durability of an  actual bed.


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