S.T.Unicom showcases Umbra collection from Bomma

Representing heritage in the modern era through cutting age crystal lighting BOMMA, the Czech crystal & lighting honchos brings their product to India available with S.T.Unicom. BOMMA, a leading Czech producer of designer lighting produced from hand-blown crystal, launched its latest collections with their renowned award-winning collections UMBRA and DARK & BRIGHT STAR, both designed for Bomma by the Dechem studio. This press release will focus on the Umbra collection which says ‘There is no shadow without light’. Inspired by the relationship between geometric objects and their shadows, the Umbra collection features elegant pendants in sophisticated detail. Its metal plate derives from the perfectly elliptical shadow cast by a side-lit ball, mirroring the colorful mouth-blown crystal piece.


Bomma sets today’s standards of glassmaking with its modern glassworks and concentrates on the development of original glassmaking technology. This dedication provides designers with unusual possibilities to create truly unique collections. Their master craftsmen are backed by some 300 enthusiastic team members in an ultra-modern facility, taking full advantage of in-house technology. We produce 6 tons of refined extra-clear crystal each day. Our high-tech specially designed machinery allows us to reach the maximum potential of manual production. This enables utmost flexibility, as well as the technical ability to produce otherwise difficult designs and shape modifications. Bomma’s focus is centered upon collaborations with talented Czech designers. Their designs present great challenges to both our technical teams and craftsmen, but constantly motivate us to develop progressive approaches. 

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Name: Navin Kanodia

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Banani Mukherjee Das

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