PITARA brings you a colorful range of surprises..

PITARA brings you a colorful range of surprises…of centre tables, side tables, shelfs, trays, et al.Hand painted and colorful, they add a burst of freshness to your monochromatic color schemes .Pitara, as a brand, aims at getting art or colors, into our everyday lives .in a small but usable way..The  products are high on utility all the while mantaining the style quotient while others are pure innovations based on their looks. Some examples:

Teakwood centre table:This centre table is created keeping in mind the clutter around the living room.The table  provides a range of drawers and shelfs below to keep the top clean and clutterfree.The material used ins TW to give it stability and can be PU coated for longlasting appearance.

Centre Table:This centre table made of plywood,painted to satin finish,has castors and the legs are modified into multiutility stands .

Logwood furniture:The latest innovations are based on adding small burst of colours to the rooms in the form of these painted log furniture .This solid wood irregular shape side stand with ms legs gives a colorful tribal look and adds colour to the interiors.It can be used as a simple stand for a flower vase or to place your phone or just about anything.The top is painted in multicolours and pu coated to add a dash of colour to your room. The logwood chair with upholstered backs  sre fitted with silk kanthawork upholstery to form unique furniture pieces.

Dining chair::  This chair is unique and  functional with metal legs and silk and an upholstered back.

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