Perch Wine and Coffee Bar by Anagram Architects

A minimal rustic palette of materials and finishes

Perch Wine and Coffee Bar was envisaged to be an oasis of delectable tranquility in the bustle of Delhi’s iconic Khan Market. Meant to be both a place for idyllic repose as well as one of quick replenishment, the all-day bar makes room for solitude as well as social conviviality.

Potted plants add a dash of colour


A minimal rustic palette of materials and finishes creates a unique light weight vocabulary for the bar, with light wood furniture set off against stark whitewashed walls and a sprinkling of terraniums and potted plants to give it a dash of colour.

Lower Level have high chairs

With 1900 sqft of space, the cafe is spread over two floors. The lower level has a couple of community tables with high chairs. The level above, with a part terrace, has low chairs and sofas.

A full grown ficus tree at the center

Visitors enter through a charming gate into a double height minimalist space spanned by a full grown Ficus panda tree at the center. Combined with the theme of Indie music, straight lined keekar furniture, and natural light from the adjacent terrace provides a new dimension to the place and adds to the contemporary ambience.

The design reinforces its sensitivity to nature and its commitment to the environment through the scrupulous reuse and upcycling of wood and steel, both from the previous restaurant as well as from industrial packaging waste.

Perch’s design attempts to create an environment that revives various affinities: between taste and fragrance, craft and nature and amongst people.

Contact Details : Anagram  Architects 

Pic Credit : Andre Fanthome Photography

Address: K110 Basmement, Hauz Khas  Enclave, New Delhi -110016

T: +91 11 26522137, 38, 39, 40

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