Labdhi Pharmaceuticals LLP. Office at Prabhadevi designed by Crimzon Oak Design Studio

The design language here involves using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space, prioritising functionality and comfort.

The clear and open layout was a prerequisite to optimise space, allow interactions and yet not compromise on the look.

The old adage “tidy desk, tidy mind” holds true for this minimalist office design.

The base is prominently neutral, contrasted with wood grains, patterned flooring, black metal and glass divisions that provide transparency and aesthetic consistency.

All in all the interiors describe the office’s utilitarian layout with refined details as “functionalism with added values”.



Designer: Crimzon Oak Design Studio – Mumbai.

Project: Labdhi Pharmaceuticals LLP (Prabhadevi – Mumbai)

Photographer:  @aakrutidedhia

DM @crimzon_oak   for any queries.




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