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Welcome to Décor Listings. We are a listing portal dedicated to the Interior Design industry and related services. We hope that any one be it an interior designer, office or a home owner would benefit from our website. The unique features of Décor Listings are:

Search for your product or service category wise:

We have listed all products and services category wise. For example if you looking for ‘Bed Covers and Cushions‘ , we have a category ‘Furnishings‘and within that ‘Bed Covers and Cushions ‘. You can also search for the same by typing in the search bar.

Search for your product or service closer to where you live:

We have all the listings area wise. If for example you are living in Bandra west, look for suppliers close to Bandra west or any area closer to u.

Most pictures are tagged category wise:
Whenever you search in a particular category for eg fancy basins, all the pictures of the 'fancy basins' from all the shops that supply these basins would show up first. That would surely give you an idea of all the types of 'fancy basins' that are available in the market.

Search for a specific company dealer:

Below the category we have listed its various company dealers; you could chose only those company dealers you are interested in. Alternatively you can search for the dealers of a specific company in the search bar.


You don’t have to log in to our website, just make sure your cookies are enabled for us to shortlist the supplier this will remain in the short-list every time you visit us. You can shortlist maximum 20 listings.


You can directly mail the lister to enquire on the availability and price of any product or service that you may be interested in.


Simply click on 'Decor Deals' next to the search bar, listings which are offering deals will be filtered. You could receive the deal details on your cell or on email by clicking on th mobile icon.


This is where we cover all the interior projects, product launches, news and happenings in the world of interiors.

We hope that our web-site is helpful in doing up your dream home or office. We would really appreciate your feedback of our website. Mail us at with your suggestions and comments.

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