Fanzart Introduces Venetian and Humanoid Designer Fans

Fanzart, the largest brand of designer fan brand has introduced – for the first time in the Indian market – the fandelier; a fan cum chandelier. Chandeliers with crystals, LED lighting, “hidden” fan blades that retract or collapse – all operated by a Radio Frequency remote control. One such fandelier is the


The Venetian is a 14-blade collapsible-blade fan with 76 LED lights and 51 crystals.which an rotate bi-directionally – One for cool breeze and the other for a cozy warm air effect – a feature which reverses the air flow of the fan making it behave like an exhaust thereby providing air circulation, but not a cool breeze. This feature is perfect for cooler climates. 


Humanoid is  the fan with a human touch. The Humanoid can detect the presence of humans in the room and smartly adjusts it’s rotation to provide breeze toward them.  

Other than human detection it is one of the first pedestal fans to be introduced with a 360 degree horizontal rotation, 90 degree vertical curvature, eco-friendly feature –  that adjusts the breeze based on outside temperature, LED panel and a remote control are some of the other conveniences that this smart pedestal fan comes with. This pedestal fan is a step towards the smarter home revolution and is also truly an aesthetic beauty. 

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