Ethnic furniture has a timeless appeal

Your home is a reflection of your personality to a certain extent. Ethnic interiors make your house look splendid and add a touch of elegance to the room. Whether it is African, Moroccan, Asian, Mexican or European, every place has a different kind of visual appeal in its furniture.

Different ethnic styles:

Ethnic furniture has many options

When it comes to Asian furniture, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indian are the main countries to be considered. The huge variety of choices available in Asian ethnic décor would leave you spellbound. Be it a bedroom, living room or the washroom, it has simple and classy designs to decorate every room in the best possible way. African countries are popular for their handmade artifacts and other accessories. Masks of their tribal communities and showpieces exhibiting the beautiful landscapes and wildlife are the major highlights of African décor. Catchy colors and handmade items like blankets, sombreros and pottery make Mexican décor truly distinctive and remarkable. The European decors such as Italian, French etc. also have wonderful accessories to give an amazing look to your rooms.

How to decide the ethnicity that would suit the room 

According to your preference and the décor style, select the ethnicity that would look the best. You can even amalgamate different ethnicities and come up with an eclectic look. Keep it subtle and sophisticated. Do not make it too gaudy.

Patterns of the ethnic furniture and accessories:

The traditional textiles woven manually from Asian and African regions are spectacular. Moroccan style of interiors includes deep and bright colors and filigree like detailing. It also has the hand tooling and hand carving. There are many armoires, lamps, lanterns, rugs, tiles and couches that can help you design your home according to Moroccan patterns. Indian handicrafts made up of rosewood, sesame wood and teak wood or wrought iron furniture would truly look great for any room. There are tables and sofa sets too that give an ethnic look to your living room. Hand woven carpets, exquisitely prepared cushion covers, velvet bed covers and rugs from Kashmir add an element of regality to your bedroom.

The ethnic touch looks beautiful

“During old times, the furniture was a part of a family clan and was considered a symbol of pride. It used to pass on from generation to generation and was very well kept by heirs.”

Teakwood and rosewood are the main types of wooden solid furniture. The ethnic pieces of decor comprises of coat stands, laundry boxes, centre, corner and console tables, telephone stands, carved reclines, lavish beds, artefact mirrors  and designed book shelves.

This old world style is finding its place in 21st century homes, and that is the reason many reputed lifestyle stores offer variety of ethnic decor and furniture. Plus, the stores provide a unique and novel decor approach to old-era ethnic furniture. Many interior decorators suggest ethnic furniture designs to the homes, which add a touch of elegance to individual personal space.

Advantages of opting the suitable ethnic furniture:

Natural feel: The ethnic furniture brings the natural feel back to our home as they offer variety of imprints that resonate with nature like water hyacinth, aquatic life, green woods and exclusive natural customised sets of furniture.

Wide range of textures: The  advantage with ethnic decoration is that it provides a wide range of texture for experimentation.

The weaving materials used in ethnic furniture are obtained from nature that is completely suitable for decor. In the world where environmental degradation is a major problem, doing your bit to save the planet by selecting eco-friendly decor goes a long way. They are chemical resistant and colourfast too.

Timeless appearance of ethnic furniture:

Ethnic furniture never goes out of trends and  has a timeless appeal. It enhances the look of any home and at times becomes the focal point of the conversation for your guests. You can also select ethnic furniture according to Indian Vastu shastra (traditional Hindu system of architecture) or Feng Shui (a Chinese – philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment) that increases the auspiciousness of your residence or workplace.


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