Comfort yourself by picking the right choice of Accent chairs and Recliners

Sinking into a chair and laying your feet up can be a comforting experience after a hard day’s   work. Recliners are meant just for that experience, where as  choosing the right recliner can be a tedious task. Depending upon the fabric and model, there are different levels of quality, but key feature of a recliner is that it can be tilted back and forth providing complete comfort to the human body. Recliners are meant to support the head, back, neck and legs and should offer complete relaxation   to the body.

Trends in recliners

Recliners today are a unique blend of all comfort along with contemprory design elements. Today’s recliners have many  lifestyle options including massage, cup holders, remote storage spaces and more. The latest trend in recliners is that they are engineered to accommodate every inch of comfort in that space and also recline.

Types of recliners

Two position: The name explains the type of recliner which has two -position as its main function. The positons are upright or fully inclined. A lever is utilized to uplift the footrest by the user. This recliner is usually more economical, however it occupies more space as the footrest pops up when reclined completely and also has limited features.

Rockers: Many Reclining angles are possible in rocker recliners. Popping the footrest up can be done without the need for recliner to go back as in two position recliner. Hence this can be considered as a good choice for smaller spaces and can be placed close to walls. Rockers are said to be    more affordable one amongst recliners.

Push back: Also known as flex-back recliner, push back recliner does not have a footrest. The only thing it does here is to push back the seat so that the chair reclines. For those who prefer a foot rest, one can combine it with an ottoman to the chair for comfort. The look of a push back can be sleek and is priced equivalent to a two- position recliner.


Risers fall under the category of motorized recliners for uplift and recline. . Riser recliners possess electric motor within, which are connected to wall socket .The requirement for the chair is that it requires ample space and positioned away from walls. Two types of motors are used for making riser recliners either as  a single motor or a dual motor. Single motored recliners as the name suggest has a single motor which is used for reclining and rising of chair. In case of dual motor recliners, one motor controls the chair and the other functions the footrest. Remote options are available for riser recliners

Accent chairs add style to spaces

          Accent chairs

Similar to recliners, accent chairs are another way to add beauty and style to the interiors. They become the main attraction of the living space breaking the monotony of a usual staid living room.

Types of accent chairs

Wingback chairs: They possess upright chair and wings which are out from the arm and ends up at the back of the chair.

Tub chairs: In tub chairs the back of the chairs have arms, and presented as a single piece hence it costs higher than others.

Armless slipper chairs: As the name suggests they have no arms and they sit near to the ground. They are appropriate to use in bedroom to removing shoes.

Rocking Chairs: Rocking chairs have two curved pieces of wood which make the chair rock forward and back .The rocking motion gives the user a relaxing and soothing experience. Rocking chairs come in many styles, with or without arms , some are even upholstered with cushions.

Chaise Lounge Chairs: They are a one long piece combining a chair and a footstool that can be used to recline. It can seat more than one person. Can be found in a many styles right from classical with carving’s to contemporary.


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