Clocks add a touch of personal style and functional flair to your home.

Clocks today have gone far beyond the standard cuckoo or grandfather styles — everything from a digital clock to an extra large simple clock on back painted glass can add a touch of personal style and functional flair to your home.

You can keep track of your time with Clocks in your rooms. Whether you want Oversized wall clocks for your living room or an Alarm clock in your bedroom or a Digital clock at your Office Desk, Go for the one that is functional and yet looks best in the space it’s meant for.

A retro alarm clock.

Types of Clocks-

  1. Wall Clocks: They are the most common ones with a clock face with numbers and hands to tell time.
  2. Digital: They are popular too, and use two number sets, separated by colon to indicate hour and time. They use LCD/LED display technology.

  Another classification is:

  1. Grandfather clocks: They are generally six feet or more in size, and provide royal look to the living space. They have high investment value and very expensive to buy and maintain.
  2. Desk Clocks: They are designed to sit on top of fireplace mantel or a desk.
  3. Cuckoo clocks: They have little door on the clock face which opens and a little bird comes out and chimes every hour

                                                                            Tips to Buy Clocks-

Clocks can be quirky.

  Purpose: Decor determines the type and design of the clock to be bought.E.g.  A digital/ electric clock would be suitable for a sleek, modern home, while a grandfather clock or a cuckoo clock would really fit in a classic, old-world library with oak furniture.

Pick a statement-making clock: To make a great impression on guests who come to your home, decorative clocks hung in your entryway or living room will do the trick. Large rustic wall clocks with large numerals and faces will complement a chic decor, while modern clocks with floating numbers and a single color scheme will look great in a living room decorated with angular chairs and simple furniture. An oversized retro clock will look best on an empty wall uncluttered with other art pieces or photographs.

Choose table clocks for a cozier setting:  A boring side table gets new life from a funky round table clock, and glass table clocks can add elegance to even the most laid-back room. These can also dress up benches and shelves in the hallway or add a unique touch to a bathroom cabinet.

Put digital clocks in your bedroom: They are easier to see, have bright display and hence useful in bedrooms to be on time for work or school.  They come with radio alarms or a MP3 dock to listen to your favorite music.

A clock can be a big statement piece for your home if chosen correctly, so make sure it works well with the accessories you already have. Even if it’s just going on your nightstand, picking something in a fun design makes a huge difference in the aesthetic of your room. Though, there are thousands of simple, plastic alarms clocks out there, why not choose something you really love? Your alarm clock is going to be one of the first things you see in the morning; so it should be something which you should feel happy seeing.





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