Choice of the home theatre systems depends on the room size

A dedicated home theatre room

Today, home theatre systems have become an integral part of every home. Most people   like to watch a movie with their  families   every weekend, and that too  on their  own home theater system. Let us summarize  the 

different kinds of home theatre systems  along with a checklist which you should keep in your mind before buying one for your home.

Home theater options

Home Theater In a Box (HTIB) systems:  It comprises of 5.1 channel surround sound system, a disk player and a sub-woofer. Wiring is also included. Sold in a box, hence the name .

Components: Your choice of a  a disk player, an audio – video receiver and speakers.

Sound Bars: They are long, rectangular and thin bars embedded with various loudspeakers. This technology provides virtual surround sound.

Separates: Components with separate  preamplifier  ,  processor  and a power amplifier which replaces the receiver .

Choice of home theater system depends upon the room size:

The room where you intend   to set up your system should  dictate what you’ll need. A large speaker system can overwhelm a small room. And a sound bar won’t be able to fill a large room with sound. When  planning to install a system  keep in mind and prepare  routes for the wires to the surround speakers, furniture, and electrical power.

For  Bed  Rooms: HTIB combined with sound bars  is recommended.

For large living room: Component systems are sufficient, but HTIBs can also be chosen.

These days, a dedicated home theater room is a trend. For that, you can contact a reputed firm in your area and design a home theatre system that suits your budget and fulfills  your requirements too.

Placement of a home theatre system is important

Few tips:

Channels are important. In case you are going to install it in a large living room, a 5.1 channel would be sufficient, as you would get 5 speakers and one 10-inch woofer cone. For an extra-large room, go for one marked with 7.1.

Though it is recommended to choose a player which can convert the DVD quality provided by your TV to high definition, you can also choose to spend a little more and go for a Blu-ray disc player.

Try to go for a player which has an HDMI port , as a single cable would then be required for audio / video .With the traditional options, there are a lot of cables that you would need to worry about.

Gone are the days when people usedDVDs or CDs to watch movies. These days, people prefer to plug in a USB drive or even a memory card. So, make sure that the home theater that you choose has enough ports to fulfill this requirement.

The accessories such as the HDMI cable must be chosen wisely. In the long run, these accessories would make all the difference.

It is recommended that you buy an HDTV for the home theater system if you don’t already have one in your home, as your movie experience would be certainly enhanced by it.


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