Ceramic Boutique by Tvashta Architects

Located in Ahmedabad, ‘Ceramic Boutique’ by Shakti traders is a boutique to showcase a unique collection of premium sanitary wares, Tiles and Bathroom fittings from India and abroad. 

The objective here was to create an experience center where people would see & understand the product &know the wide options of tiles available in today’s market we could even achieve the same goals by showcasing the applications of tiles on walls.

The material palate chosen dictates a use of minimalistic, eclectic and corporate approach. Ceilings, exposed services, and lighting fixtures have been intentionally kept dark in color to restrict the visual connection up till the eye level. The path of movement itself becomes the mode of display and creates the curiosity to get further insight of the spaces adjacent to it. The attempt has been to achieve a balance with the passage being the connecting invisible spine of the spaces, as well as, a transition space that helps the spaces effortlessly merge into a unanimous whole.

The ceramic studio is truly a buyer’s delight. It displays unique traits & contrasts that distinctly characterize the design concept.


Fact File

Project Name – Ceramic Boutique 

Design – Tvashta Architects& Interiors

Project Type – Commercial Retail Design

Built-up Area – 2315sq ft.

Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat


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