Classic Marble Company has recently launched the Quartz collection from Kalinga Stone. Kalinga Stone’s Quartz preserves the beloved aesthetic properties of natural quartz, while also elevating them with its modern development. Kalinga Stone’s quartz is available in the functional thicknesses of 12 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm, which are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. The slab sizes come in 315 x

Kwallity Woods is an authorised distributor for Pergo flooring in Mumbai.Visit them to discover a multitude of laminated flooring options in stunning colours and various sizes with beautiful surface effects of the Pergo Flooring range. These floors are extremely easy to install and thanks to the revolutionary Perfect Fold 3.0 click system and pre - applied finish, one can begin walking on it

Lioli Ceramica has launched its latest novelty - Cava Anthracite, a charcoal grey beauty with a textured matte finish that is a perfect combination of exquisite minimal design and durability. A TechnoSLAB product, the new age porcelain slab has been introduced from the Orgatech series. Manufactured in both 9mm and 12mm thicknesses using superior technology makes the surface of the

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has launched one of the finest marble products – ‘Spiderment’ from its 9th Avenue gallery collection. The newly launched natural stone is one of the rarest and exquisite natural marble found on Earth. Spiderment is a white marble, displaying a dark brown vein emerging from one edge, and subtly extricating on the other side to create a

Lioli Ceramica – India’s technologically most advanced porcelain slab manufacturer has launched its latest product, Grey Alaska under the company’s flagship brand – TechnoSLAB. The Grey Alaska has a misty, cloudy appearance that illustrates the cold, wintery feel of the season. The beautifully variegated, polished porcelain slab is reminiscent to natural marble and lends a charismatic grace to the surface.

CMC introduces world's most flexible porcelain tiles.  Market leader in the natural and engineered stones segment – Classic Marble Company (CMC) is revolutionizing the porcelain tiles space in the country with the introduction of its most flexible tile product – Kalesinterflex. The first of the lot to be launched in the category are two unique, large format tiles named Innovation Ivory and

Lioli Ceramica has launched three new variants in the large format slabs under its flagship brand – TechnoSLAB. Introduced as Statuario Venato, Black Cosmos and Grey William, the slabs are shades of white, black and grey and have been inspired by nature’s designs that occur naturally in marble. The three products have been launched simultaneously for contrast décor applications. The milky

Bomma Lights is proudly build on a traditional glassmaking craft, blending it with original in-house developed technologies. They strive for great design and modern simplicity, taking production to the very limits of glassmaking. Founded in 2012, Bomma continually moves traditional Czech glassmaking craft to a new level. With centuries of glassmaking tradition in East Bohemia, they now take advantage of


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