Blue Heaven A, 2 BHK Residence in Santacruz, Mumbai by Architects Abhijit Sawant and Natasha Kumar

The idea here was to create a vibrant space oozing warmth and charm for a young, working couple that they may proudly call ‘Home’.


The colour pallete used is  monochromatic with ivory walls and shades of blue used on the furniture. Mainly the artwork throughout this home adds the necessary pop of colour to make the space look charming. The wooden hand – crafted frames used in the living room have been sourced from the local markets in Bandra and specially painted in colours that just about add a slight warmth to the living space. The spaces exude exclusivity and yet have a regular sense of comfort that one wants to come home to at the end of a long day of work.


A cute quirky cafe-like dining space features a collage wall showcasing a collection of  interests ranging from the home owners  favourite musicians, movies, right up to some collectibles of their favourite football team. The bench in the dining space was specially curated to match their preferences. It perfectly tones down the formal subtlety by introducing the fun element.


The designers have tried to incorporate greens in the room as a continuous theme, be it through plants or hanging creepers, right up to around the centre table as well. The lack of a balcony in so many Mumbai homes has been tackled by installing a green mesh of creepers upto the window sill with hanging creepers outside the window. The railings have been wrapped in rope and twine to give it a natural and rustic tinge. The quirky, vibrant appeal has been taken through to the bedroom as well, where the artwork gives a fun touch to the otherwise subtle, monochromatic mood.



Principal Architects Abhijit Sawant and Natasha Kumar

Project Details:

  • Project name and location: Blue Haven, Santacruz, Mumbai
  • Name of architecture/design firm and location: Studio Tilt Architects, Goa. Project location- Mumbai
  • Name of architect/designer and team:  Principal Architects Abhijit Sawant and Natasha Kumar 
  • Photographer’s Name:  Studio Tilt Architects
  • Social media handles of the architecture/design firm, architects and team  Firm handle: 
  • Personal handle:
  • Information sheet: A 2 BHK Residence in Santacruz, Mumbai (Carpet area=800 sqft)




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