Blinds is the perfect window treatment

Blinds not only are a window treatment which enhances the look of the room, but also help to maintain the privacy of the inhabitant. Further, they are also used to filter out harmful UV radiation that can enter in the room from doors or windows. They are often the least expensive option on the market in terms of window treatments, blinds are easy to maintain, have a clean appearance and don’t take up extra room. They allow you control over the privacy and sunlight. You can pull up the shades to expose the window, angle the slats slightly, or close them entirely.

Options in Blinds:

Roller Blinds look simple and  elegant.

The general difference between types of the blinds is in the material used to make the  slats and the width of the slats. See below to learn about the available options. 

Vinyl blinds: Generally the least expensive option, vinyl units are lightweight but can be flimsy, bend easily and are usually available only in smaller slat sizes. 

Aluminum blinds: These are slightly more expensive than vinyl; however they’re of better quality while still being lightweight. They’re available in a large range of sizes, colors, and finishes, including metallic.

Faux wood blinds: Available in one and two-inch sized slats, faux wood shades imitate the real thing without warping, fading, or cracking. They are easy to clean and are moisture resistant, but also more expensive and are a bit heavy.

Real wood blinds: These are actually lighter in weight than faux wood and will give a room a natural, organic feeling. While these shades will block a considerable amount of light, they’re likely going to be the expensive option. 

Sheers: They have the property of diffusing the light. So, they can filter out UV radiations and the glare from sunlight. When installed, sheers leave a luxurious touch on the windows.

Roman Blinds: They are made up of fabric which can be chosen on the basis of décor of the room. These blinds are rolled up and down with the help of aluminum stick attached at the rear of fabric. Roman blinds are best if privacy is your main concern.

 Roller Blinds: These can be rolled up or down as per the requirements. They are generally made up of fabric, polymer or woven wood. One can even buy a darker shade of  fabric  for bedrooms, where one’s privacy is a priority.

Vertical Blinds: They are separate strips of louvers suspended vertically from top of window. They are made up of either fabric, PVC fiber strips of metal, or vinyl. The thickness of these blinds can vary from 3 inches to 6 inches and they are preferable for large windows.

Vertical blinds look best in bigger spaces.

Tips  that would help you choose the Best Blinds Option: 

Check the moisture resistance

Moisture resistant blinds are generally the best, especially in bathrooms. If you want strictly moisture resistant blinds, it is always advisable to go with slats that are made from faux wood.A

Ask for warranty and repair policy

Before opting for a particular kind of blinds, it is important to check the warranty and repair policy. This way, maintenance of the blinds would not be your headache.

Look at the Blinds in Proper Light

Before finalizing your choice, you must hold the blinds close to a light source to see if the color would change when the sunlight would peep in through the windows.

Pay Heed to Lining

Various accessories such as lining etc. would also are required for certain kinds of blinds, such as lace sheers. These accessories must be of good quality so that shrinkage does not occur later on.

Go for automation

In these blinds, sensors are attached, strategically to provide fully automated control the blinds can be opened or shut with a remote.

Get them Installed by Professionals : One might end up buying the wrong size of blinds. In order to be sure about the size and the installation quality, getting help from experts is the only solution.


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