Bespoke artist Shruti Jhaveri reveals her latest ranges of paper sculptures

Shruti Jhaveri, the only artist in the country who creates wall art using chemically treated wastepaper, recently introduced two new eclectic ranges of paper sculptures viz. ‘The Five Elements’ and ‘Fragile Terrains’. While Fragile Terrains is inspired from the corals of the seabed, The Five Elements, as the name suggests, takes its cues from fire, earth, air, water as well as wood.The mixed media sculptures on the wall depict the gorgeousness of nature.

The Five Elements

Elements represent life. They offer a variety of character traits viz. fire = passionate, water = creative, air (space) = optimistic, earth = hardworking, and wood = constant learning. Shruti Jhaveri has depicted the elements in unique formations to perceive this range, while searching for her own unique element.


Fragile Terrains

Flow, fluidity and intricate organic underwater forms have been her inspiration for this range. With the help of this range, Shruti has visually created life’s basic principles; notions such as living in harmony, spreading positivity and inner growth and translated them into a sense of coral reef formations using ecological sustainable materials.


About Shruti Jhaveri

For over two decades, Shruti is the only person in the world practicing this unique form of art creating wall sculptures out of wastepaper. Shruti graduated from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and has since then exhibited in over 25 shows across the globe including countries like Belgium, Indonesia, Korea, Dubai and New York.Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium etc.










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