ART MUSINGS Presents Vision into Infinity

A Solo Show by Paresh Maity

15 – 20 February 2017 @ Jehangir Art Gallery,21 – 27 February 2017 @ Taj Art Gallery,28 February – 19 March 2017 @ Art Musings

Art Musings is presenting a solo exhibition of one of India’s most prominent artists Paresh Maity entitled Vision into Infinity .

This exhibition brings together works in diverse mediums, including painting and sculpture. This new body of works sees the artist approach his subjects with new expression. There is a modernity of forms and shapes. The colors are vibrant, and echo the passion of the artist. In his figurative works the focus is on the faces with their myriad expressions, closely cropped and juxtaposed with their surroundings.

The exhibition follows several cycles of Paresh Maity’s artistic evolution, spanning a period of 40 years and selectively showcasing the many elaborations within his visual language. His journey through mediums has been one of spontaneity, and experimentation, and sheer commitment to being an artist. The vastness of his visual experience is reflected in the large bodies of paintings, drawings, installations, photographs, mixed media work, sculptures and even film. His is a repertoire that envelopes the minimal as well as the lushly adorned, the miniature as well as the monumental.

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