Design indulgence of a gourmet store by Architect Dhruva Kalra


Begun as a thematic imagination of a fine food experience, Almond House Begumpet is a personification of the gourmet indulgence that boldly reflects the brand’s quirky personality of experimentation and innovation, to suit the modern palette in demand, without compromising on the subtle throwback to our rich heritage. The ethos lies in the vow of keeping the traditions alive, with an awakened aesthetic sense that presents the age-old Indian desserts on a global platter. Contemporising the past with an artistic reminiscence, the space celebrates the roots to the authenticity of taste making while introducing a newer future of Indian dining experience, with an overdose of colours and textures underlined by a strong nostalgia of classical elements.


The edgy, contemporary colour scheme of the theatrical expanse cherishes the harmonious blend of grey, white and black tones that are given a luxuriant pop with the champagne gold details. The neutral colour play is further experimented with wood panels that are given a subtle colour wash to find the tune with the rest of the space.


The design escorts the visitor into the colossal space that birthed this luxury retail zone with a playful counter and patterns, slowly transitioning from the grand entrance to an urbane and chic dining space. The aureate charm blends with the rustic terrazzo walls that sets up the stage for an exuberant show of harmonious shelving, marble-clad displays, light-wood outlines and a carpet of a minimal floor in pristine white. The play of textures like terrazzo, patterned tiles team up with the quirk of the asymmetric metal stripes that run across the walls and counters to rejuvenate the senses of the onlooker. Lit by an assortment of luminaires, the space awaits to introduce an element of surprise across every turn— labyrinthine chandeliers at one turn, queued spotlights at the other. The statement lights take up a new role as a subtle wayfinding element that subconsciously create zones of focus, to guide a gastronome across the far-flung space.


The invitation of classical details fuse into the versatile imagery of the space as arched partitions, vaulted ceiling fabric, vintage- inspired tiling and wooden profiles that find peace in the contemporary setup. Framing the space with a nostalgic touch, the arches underline the visual identity of the space and bring an old-world charm without giving up on the modernity. The vogue vibe intervenes with the tempting design details wrapping the walls as drip and waffle-like panels that serve as a visual treat. The tasteful appeal and the food-inspired patterns of the counters blend into the design to create an appetising ambience that is an ideal setting for today’s food culture.




                                                                             The central dining area sets a stage that throws limelight on the sumptuous tablescape

                                                                                               presenting itself as a conversation starter for the guests.


The golden discs hanging from atop, reflect the aesthetic scene where the flattering black-gold seaters outshine the bright floors and brighter lighting that proudly revel in the plush backdrop streaked in gold. The scenic stretch leaves the imagination ajar, with a dash of newness and surprise recreated across every angle.






The signature style of the premium brand is graciously re-mixed in the interior palette to bring in a visual language that is synonymous with luscious and grandiose. The assortment of visual details thus gathers to echo the variegated nature of the products, their ingredients and flavour, creating a taste as memorable as the sweet-tooth cravings.




Project Name: Almond House

Location: Begumpet, Hyderabad, India

Area: 4000 sq. ft.

Year of Completion: Early 2020

Principal Architect: Dhruva Kalra



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