A mandir at home must have 3 Ps: pious, positivity and purity

Be it at home or an office, Mandir  or as we say Pooja room  can be defined using 3 P's: pious, positivity and purity. This is precisely what a person needs to visualize before beginning to design this sacred space. The outcome can truly reflect their  devotion to the divine.

A beautiful carved  jaali makes a beautiful mandir door

Lately  a wide range of Mandir designs and materials are available in the market, it really depends on your taste and preference. Everyone makes an  effort to build the best Mandir at home or office for self-satisfaction and spiritual healing.

Some tips while setting up a mandir

Before you plan anything about setting up a Mandir, we suggest you follow the general tips which are based on certain Vaastu principles:

East, North or North-east – These three are the ideal locations for the Mandir to be built. Hence, spot these directions at home by taking a compass. First fix the location and then take further steps towards settingit up. Ideally, your position while praying shouldbe facingthe east.

Mandir should never be built near a bathroom or under the stairs.

Remember, if the room is in the north-eastern direction, the pictures & idols of the gods should be placed in the north-eastern side of the Pooja room.

None of the idols placed should face each other.

The size of the Mandir does not matter, just ensure the location is clean. If you do not havemuch space at yourhome, go for a ready mandir which can be placed on brackets on the wall.

The pictures & idols of god should not be kept on the ground, they need to be at a higher level.

There should be sufficient light in the Mandir, keep the windows open for the sunlight to pass on.

The color in or around the Mandir should be sober, like white or light colors which have a soothing effect .

The pictures and idolsthat you are planning to place in the Mandir should be in good condition; not rusted or broken.

A mandir is your space for meditation and prayer

Types of mandirs

Marble mandirs: Pure White  Marble  is considered to be traditional  and  best suited  for a  Mandir. There is an assortment of ready, beautifully carved Mandirs  that are readily  available, which are handcrafted by the artisans. The ones which have inlays of semiprecious stones are particularly beautiful and look royal.    

Wooden mandirs: This is the next best option after marble mandirs. Generally, wooden mandirs made of teakwood are used. It is available in various shades of brown. Here too, you will find a large variety of carvings of different kinds with some  traditional art .

Glass mandirs: They are more contemporary in looks and are easy to clean and maintain. To add the extra glow to the Pooja area you can decorate them with Christmas lights.

Metallic mandirs: These are more ethnic in look, if you want to add more of an Indian  look to your Pooja room you can decorate it with silver diyas and metal figures which  make them look more elegant.


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