July 2018

Keeping pace with the growing demand for premium quality modular furniture solutions, real estate company EIPL Group recently introduced Contorno Modular Interior Solutions and Doimo Cucine to the Indian sub-continent. Contorno, EIPL’s very own brand based out of Hyderabad, is a premium modular furniture manufacturing company that offers a versatile range of kitchens, wardrobes, TV units, bedroom furniture, living room furniture

Esquire being an American men's magazine published in the United States, is one which screams sophistication, yet it accomplishes this in a quirky and whimsical tone.This work hub was being developed for the “creative owners of a nightclub” and the design had to reflect this very aspect as well. The concept to be followed was of ‘Sophisticated madness ".They embraced the

The formation of the light designed by Arjun Rathi is inspired from the Shikharas of the Nagara style Temple Architecture where each of the elements is an essence of panchmahabhutas namely five great Elements - Earth,Water, Fire, Wind and Ether.  The form of the Shikhara light is taken from the holy kalshas which holds great importance in indian rituals. It is said

LioliCeramica has recently unveiled two new porcelain slabs, Vincent Pietra and Statuario under its brand TechnoSLAB. The nature inspired modern Statuario is characterised by the bold and rich grey veins creeping across the tile’s milky white plane. Alongside, the charcoal black Vincent Pietra contrasted by white veins makes for an absolutely stunning combo installation with the Statuario. Remodel your bathroom,

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has launched its latest Techlam product – Magma Stone in the sleek porcelain slabs range. Inspired by the natural formation of magma found under the Earth’s surface, the product surface displays golden honey swirls against a deep black background. Like flames from a fire, the patterns rise and fade against the complimenting dark framework and makes for

 Sarita Handa Spring Summer 2018 collection presents timeless designs coupled with contemporary details for the perfect summer update   Birds, blooms and basking in the glorious summer sun! Sarita Handa’s new spring summer collection comprises of the three statement trends for soft furnishings. Taking a creative journey from the aesthetics of the vintage France to the vivid tropics, the bedding, drapery and cushions

This  24 year old design-house now introduces “Nivasa Contemporary”. With unexpected colours and unique material combinations, Nivasa Cotemporary stretches the boundaries of art, engineering and design to create exquisite contemporary furniture. The clever mix of raw textures with sleek finishes, dense metal with delicate glass and leather stitched in contrasting hues is what sets the tone for Nivasa Contemporary. Multi functional fixtures


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