The Little Easy is a restaurant, bar / resto-club located in Bandra West


The Little Easy is a restaurant, bar / resto-club located in Bandra West, in the western line of Bombay [Mumbai], possibly one of the leading nightlife& bar-hopping spots in India.

                    Day Time Dining Area – Furniture Set Up: The Little Easy

The Little Easy was started and is being Managed by Vishesh Shah, a third-generation hospitality business owner who had conceptualized the idea back in 2016. Vishesh’s family has long been in the hospitality business and he dreamed of opening up an establishment like this one since his early teens.

Curiously enough, Vishesh already had an idea of what the resto-pub should be like & was extremely enamoured by the prohibition era period & the conviction of the Americans during the era to live freely and consume what they wanted to.

More than anything else, retro themed bars like this one were popping up across the world & were also doing rather well. Having locked on to the idea, Vishesh had the details already entrenched in his mind & did not feel the need to work with an interior designer in the first place, which is rare given the complexity of the project.

However, the writing was on the wall, Furniture & Lighting were key elements to ensure that the retro styling would fall in place. In fact, in the earlier days, Vishesh was so keen on the theme, all aspects including the cuisine & the customer service had a tight control to ensure that the design philosophy flowed through every aspect.

After, the positioning of the restaurant because popular & well-accepted, these aspects were relaxed.

For the fixtures & furniture, the services of furnitureroots, a seller of restaurant furniture in India was enlisted, as a designer, maker, and installation expert, furniture roots also advised various seating options like western style booths in red or maroon colors, consistent with the retro-western style design that the restaurant was going for.

The theme selected was that of a “Glaring Industrial” style which meant that the furniture exposed modern metallic elements and was made on relatively inexpensive mango wood that was polished & stained to match the appeal of premium furniture & upholstered with faux leather. This was done not just to save costs but to be true to the style of the prohibition era where moonshiners & bootleggers (underground traders of liquor) would try to blend in with the high society folk using cheap accessories & clothing but improvising on them so as to maintain a perfect disguise.

Apart from this, dim & LED lightings were used, some with colourful casing (mostly in beige & chrome covering to bring out the best of the fittings & furniture.

The level of details to match up to this styling was insane & both FurnitureRoots, as well as Little Easy, were able to bring about the concept to fruition and the dining business has really taken off.

Today, the little easy is considered among the top 50 themed resto-pubs, cafes & commercial dining businesses in India & it is all thanks to a “principles first” approach maintained not just by the vendors & suppliers but also by everyone over at little easy.

While the recent unfolding of events has taken a toll on most hospitality & commercial dining businesses, Little Easy is determined to be unfazed by the pandemic and continues its efforts to separate itself from the crowd. Mid-day has reported what they’re upto in their recent feature (link)


Project Name: The Little Easy, Restaurant

Area: 4,500 Sq Feet

Furniture Set-up Company: FurnitureRoots

Year Inaugurated: 2016


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